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  • Birth certificates w/English translation of United States Citizen or Lawful Permanent Resident ("Petitioner") and foreign national ("Beneficiary");
  • Marriage certificates w/English translation of Petitioner and Beneficiary;
  • Certified copy of divorce decrees w/English translation of Petitioner & Beneficiary;
  • Passport(s) of Beneficiary;
  • I-94 Departure Records of Beneficiary;
  • Certificate of Naturalization or Permanent Resident Card of Petitioner;
  • Approved visa petition, if not filing concurrently;
  • Certified criminal records of Petitioner and Beneficiary;
  • Passport photos;
  • Most recent U.S. Individual Tax Return of Petitioner & W-2 Statement(s);
  • Letter from Petitioner's employer;
  • Current priority date, if applicable;
  • Beneficiary's sealed Medical Examination results from an approved Civil Surgeon;
  • Minimum deposit to retain Attorney.